26 de noviembre de 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 1999-10

En esta revista de modelismo se encuentra un artículo referido la IAI Kfir (Lion Cub), además de planos y esquemas sobre el mismo.

The main parts of the kit arc presented in grey plastic The engine interior and various other detail parts come in white metal. A length of strut is also provided along, with a short section of rod. The quality of the plastic parts is good. The plastic is fairly soft but easy to work. The detail on the wing-mounted radiators is particularly impressive. The trailing edges of the wings are also well defined and commendably thin. This is a limited run kit and the modeller will need to deal with the thick sprue gates that are associated with this type of kit. Care needs to be taken when removing the parts from the sprues and a sturdy modelling knife or cutters are to be recommended. The plastic parts are relatively flash tree but careful cleaning up is required This is especially true of the smaller parts.
Peso: 52.5 Mb
Formato: PDF
Descarga: http://hotfile.com/dl/62623812/62b4f42/Scale_Aviation_Modeller_International_1999-10.pdf.html


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