26 de noviembre de 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 1999-10

En esta revista de modelismo se encuentra un artículo referido la IAI Kfir (Lion Cub), además de planos y esquemas sobre el mismo.

The main parts of the kit arc presented in grey plastic The engine interior and various other detail parts come in white metal. A length of strut is also provided along, with a short section of rod. The quality of the plastic parts is good. The plastic is fairly soft but easy to work. The detail on the wing-mounted radiators is particularly impressive. The trailing edges of the wings are also well defined and commendably thin. This is a limited run kit and the modeller will need to deal with the thick sprue gates that are associated with this type of kit. Care needs to be taken when removing the parts from the sprues and a sturdy modelling knife or cutters are to be recommended. The plastic parts are relatively flash tree but careful cleaning up is required This is especially true of the smaller parts.
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19 de octubre de 2010

Scale Aircraft Modeling 1998-02

Scale Aircraft Modeling 1998-02

THE Yom Kipper war broke out at 2 pm local time on 6 October 1973 but the Israeli armed forces had fought indiscriminate minor conflicts with the Egyptian army across the Suez Canal, the Syrian army along the Golan Heights and Palestinian terrorism along the borders of Jordan, the Lebanon and abroad in a war of attrition that lasted six years from the ending of the Six Day War in 1967. In this conflict the aircraft, weapons and tactics had their origins in that earlier battle but this time the Israelis had to face another setback in that France, their principle arms supplier, had placed an embargo on all military equipment exports to Israel. To overcome this deprivation of the most crucial weapons, the Israeli government laid down a broad spectrum of requirements aimed at making the country self-sufficient by involving Israeli industry wherever possible.
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22 de septiembre de 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller 07 2000 (Mirage 2000)

En esta revista de modelismo se encuentra un artículo sobre el Mirage 2000 y distintos tipos de camuflaje que llevó en su historia.

It is with the ground-attack aircraft of WW1 that on this occasion my interest rests. One of those that stands out is the Halberstadt CL.II; designed to provide a nimble two-seat escort tighter and equal to the Albatros D.Ill it could prove to be a bit of a handful for an Allied pilot to take on. With a fixed forward firing Spandau machine gun (there was talk of two being fitted but it's never been confirmed) and a mounted Parabellum MG on a high gun ring that gave an excellent field of fire. It was well liked by its crews and together with its descendants the CL.IIV and the Hannover CL.IIIa it survived through to the end of the war. I have spoken to a Chelsea Pensioner who had been on the receiving end of this aircraft's activities and he commented on being strafed and grenaded from the air when 'up the line' (i.e. in the trenches), not a pleasant experience.

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10 de septiembre de 2010

Con Dios en el Alma y un Halcón en el Corazón - Comodoro Pablo M. Carballo

Hay relatos sobre las misiones de los Mirage III y de los Daggers entre las demás aeronaves argentinas participantes

"Con Dios en el Alma y un Halcon en el Corazon", es un compendio de "Dios y los Halcones" y "Halcones sobre Malvinas" (ambos del mismo autor).

Relata misiones y anecdotas de los pilotos (contadas por el propio autor y en otras ocasiones por quienes las protagonizaron)

El autor: Comodoro (retirado) Pablo Marcos Rafael Carballo, (en el ´82 tenia el grado de Capitan) piloto de A-4B "Skyhawk", participo en varias misiones contra la flota británica y tiene en su haber el hundimiento y averia de varios buques.
Recibioó la condecoracion por "Heroico Valor en Combate", por su actuacion en el conflicto.

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7 de septiembre de 2010

Arab-israeli Air Wars 1967-1982

La guerra aérea durante las guerras entre Israel y los países árabes que lo enfrentaron. Se encuentra el Mirage III, el Nesher y el Kfir

Egypt was finally ready to resume hostilities along the Suez Canal on 8 March 1969 with a massive artillery attack. Though it was definitely not known at the time, this was the first day of the Attrition War, a long static war along the Suez Canal that lasted until August 1970. Although an Israeli Air Force Mirage pilot managed to shoot down an Egyptian Air Force MiG-21 on 8 March, the next day an Israeli Dornier 27 observation aircraft was shot down by an Egyptian SA-2. The first phase of the Attrition War lasted until July 1969 and during this stage the Israeli Air Force attack force was not used on the Egyptian front mainly due to fear of escalation. Attacks on Jordan continued throughout that period and on 22 April 1969 an Israeli Vautour was lost when a Jordanian radar station that monitored Israeli Air Force activity was attacked. Israeli heliborne commando raids into Egypt also continued and inflicted material damage, although it was really a question of prestige with no real effect on the frontline where Egypt still had the upper hand.

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Argentine Air Force in The Falklands Conflict

Warbirds Illustrated 045 relata la actuación de la Fuerza Aérea Argentina en Malvinas desde el punto de vista inglés.

In terms of tactics, Argentine aviators were lacking somewhat compared to the standards practised by their British counterparts, and some of their losses could doubtless havc been avoided had there been some kind of mutual support. The 1 May air battle, in which two Mirage IIIEA interceptors were lost to a pair of Sea Harriers, clearly showed their inability to wrest air superiority from the very effective V/STOL interceptors, a problem aggravated by the aircraft's lack of range. In a sense, however, what was lacking in tactics was in large measure made good by courage and determination. Transport and helicopter pilots also deserve mention, especially the C-130 Hercules crews, who made man daring resupply flights to Port Stanley as well as carrying out some highly dangerous surveillance sorties. Most of the aircrews from the three services got notice of the landings during the early hours of 2 April. They were ill-prepared for the kind of conflict that ensued, having directed their training towards possible hostilities with Chile arising out of the longstanding dispute over the sovereignty of the Beagle Channel.

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6 de septiembre de 2010

Aviones de Guerra 14

En esta edición de la Revista Aviones de Guerra se encuentra un artículo altamente informativo sobre el Mirage III


Zona de Guerra: Vietnam- Persecución sobre Kep
Archivo de Datos: Mirage III, el Delta Desafiante
Aviones de Hoy: Bech 99; Bech 200; Bel 47; Bell 204/Uh-1H

Descarga: http://www.4shared.com/document/PEUXFpDZ/Aviones_de_Guerra_Nro_014_-_Mi.html