22 de septiembre de 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller 07 2000 (Mirage 2000)

En esta revista de modelismo se encuentra un artículo sobre el Mirage 2000 y distintos tipos de camuflaje que llevó en su historia.

It is with the ground-attack aircraft of WW1 that on this occasion my interest rests. One of those that stands out is the Halberstadt CL.II; designed to provide a nimble two-seat escort tighter and equal to the Albatros D.Ill it could prove to be a bit of a handful for an Allied pilot to take on. With a fixed forward firing Spandau machine gun (there was talk of two being fitted but it's never been confirmed) and a mounted Parabellum MG on a high gun ring that gave an excellent field of fire. It was well liked by its crews and together with its descendants the CL.IIV and the Hannover CL.IIIa it survived through to the end of the war. I have spoken to a Chelsea Pensioner who had been on the receiving end of this aircraft's activities and he commented on being strafed and grenaded from the air when 'up the line' (i.e. in the trenches), not a pleasant experience.

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