7 de septiembre de 2010

Arab-israeli Air Wars 1967-1982

La guerra aérea durante las guerras entre Israel y los países árabes que lo enfrentaron. Se encuentra el Mirage III, el Nesher y el Kfir

Egypt was finally ready to resume hostilities along the Suez Canal on 8 March 1969 with a massive artillery attack. Though it was definitely not known at the time, this was the first day of the Attrition War, a long static war along the Suez Canal that lasted until August 1970. Although an Israeli Air Force Mirage pilot managed to shoot down an Egyptian Air Force MiG-21 on 8 March, the next day an Israeli Dornier 27 observation aircraft was shot down by an Egyptian SA-2. The first phase of the Attrition War lasted until July 1969 and during this stage the Israeli Air Force attack force was not used on the Egyptian front mainly due to fear of escalation. Attacks on Jordan continued throughout that period and on 22 April 1969 an Israeli Vautour was lost when a Jordanian radar station that monitored Israeli Air Force activity was attacked. Israeli heliborne commando raids into Egypt also continued and inflicted material damage, although it was really a question of prestige with no real effect on the frontline where Egypt still had the upper hand.

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