3 de septiembre de 2010

The Mirage IIIC

From Mirage to Kfir Part 1

Began opertion at the end of November 1976 with Nesher aircraft at Eitam AFB, with Maj. Uri Even-Nir as the first squadron commander. The Neshers were operated until 1979, when they were phased out of IAF service and sold to Argentina. The squadron then started to "collect" all the remaining Shahaks, with the exception of the photo-reconnaissance aircraft Nos. 98 and 99, which continued to serve in 101 squadron. The last Shahaks were finally phased out of service in June 1982, and were also sold to Argentina. The squadron was then temporarily shut clown. When Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, as convened in the peace agreement between the two countries, a new base was built near Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev, known as Ramon AFB. The Negev squadron started there its new career with F-16A/B Netz.

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