3 de septiembre de 2010

Mirage V - Lock-on 11

Fotos y algo de historia del Mirage V

The Mirage V is powered by this SNECMA ATAR 09 C5 jet engine providing 4300 kg of thrust in military and 6080 kg thrust in full AB (afterburner mode). A heavy duty cart is needed to transfer the engine (which weighs some 1400 kg) from the test stand to the hangar where the engines are refitted. The engine has a 9 stage compressor and a 2 stage turbine. Despite the size of this engine, its performance is somewhat inferior to that of other Mirage fighters such as the MIRAGE III. Maximum speed is some 750 knots below 33000 ft and near MACH2 above that flight level. The fighter viewed from behind with the plastic fuel collector looking completely out of place on an attack aircraft but which keeps the excess fuel (due to fuel expansion in the main wing tanks and the lower central fuselage tank) from being spilled and causing a fire hazardous situation. Mote the drooped wing flap and the "NO STEP" markings on the flap and the aileron. A seven tube LAU 32 B/A rocket launcher firing 2.75 inch rockets can be carried on the larger outer pylon. When tired in the "salvo" mode a rocket is launched every 0,03 seconds. Note the pylon is integrally mounted to the flap activating assembly. The launcher measures 1580mm in length and 245mm in diameter.

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