3 de septiembre de 2010

Israeli Aircraft in Detail part 2

Libro sobre aeronaves israelíes donde se encuentra el Kfir

F-21A Lion is designation given to 25 IAI Kfir C1+ fighters, that were leased by US Navy and USMC from Israel for dissimilar air combat training. In 1985. US Navy leased 12 Kfir C1 + from Israel for use as dissimilar air combat trainers. Kfir C1+ In US Navy service was assigned designation F-21A. They received Bureau of Aeronautics serial numbers 163298-163309. Twelve F-21A went to VF 43 "Challengers" at Virginian NAS Oceana in 1985, where they were painted in two-tone grey scheme. They were replaced by F-16N in early 1988, and were all returned to Israel in March of 1988. Ahit show 30-mm DEFA guns installed in Israel after gaining combat experience. First real test of DEFA guns on Ahit however was by veteran Mirage ace 'Baban' Dotan, then 109th squadron commander. In 12-May-70 with Ahit No. 03 he scored Syrian MiG-17 kill with 30-mm DEFA gun (then it was reportedly only one DEFA gun installed in No. 03 for initial tests).

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